Pricing Plans

What I Can Do for You


Petting Sitting Services

$60 For 3-Times A Day Visit
$75 for 4-Times A Day Visit

This service includes feeding, walking, giving medications if needed and potty breaks. Each visit is for 30 minutes and I will provide text updates of how your pet is doing. They will get lots of pets and playtime during their visit so you know your pet will be in good paws!


30 Minute Walks/Vists


This service includes a 30-minute walk for your furry friend or a let-out visit. I include poop-pickup on walks, towel-dry if it is rainy or muddy and a quick floor wipe-up if your pooch brings in mud! I provide text updates to let you know how your pet is doing!


Over-Night Stays

$95 A Day With Over-Nights

This service includes 4 times a day visits along with spending the night with your furry friend. Some pets need extra attention and do not like to be alone for long periods of time. If this sounds like your pet, this might be the best option for you! I include text updates to let you know how your pet is doing, feedings, potty breaks, walking, and giving medications if needed.